I am curious to learn how ancient Balkan history is and is not received in the western Balkans, especially in Bosnia. Stay tuned for more as I gather my thoughts on Illyria and its modern reception in former Yugoslavia.

Charter of Ban Tvrtko, 1355 CE, National Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo

Once I resolve issues with my phone, I will post photos of artifacts from the National Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina (Sarajevo, BiH), the museum of the Franciscan Monastery in Fojnica (BiH), the Ottoman castles in Tešanj (BiH) and Banja Luka (BiH, RS), Diocletian’s palace in Split (HR), and elsewhere. Bosnia houses many Classics gems that aren’t widely advertised.

Unrelated to the aforementioned project, but relevant geographically, from 2006-2008 I directed the reconstruction of the antique library of the Franciscan monastery in Fojnica, Bosnia and Hercegovina. See here for more.

Tešanj, Bosna i Hercegovina