I am a Lecturer in Classics at UT Austin. My interests range widely in Greek and Latin literature but focus on the evolution of religious worldviews across marked cultural shifts. I am drawn especially to hybrid intellectual communities in Roman North Africa. In this context, I am interested in how ethnic groups define themselves within and against colonial ideologies, and how classical literary culture persists in early Christian views of martyrdom and the afterlife.

My current focus is on Augustine, the 4th-5th c. Christian theologian from Numidia variously hailed as a father of Catholicism, Protestantism, and certain topics in continental philosophy. Study of him inevitably looks back to classical figures like Vergil and Plato. In North Africa, successive waves of colonialism added layers of complexity to an already complicated history. So my work on Augustine requires examination of not only early Christian engagement with Greco-Roman literature but also ethnic diversity in the world Augustine called home.

This website advertises my Etruscan and Early Italic fonts. It also includes supplementary material for my ancient Greek textbook, Gareth Morgan’s Lexis. I have created another project, Terrae Transmarinae, that offers material on ancient North Africa in anticipation of a digital tool that maps intellectual networks.

Some of my academic work is available on my academia.edu webpage.

My contact information is on my Departmental webpage and my CV is available here.

Here is a picture of my dog, Flora MacDonald.