Welcome to my website. I am the real James Patterson, though perhaps not the one you were looking for. I am the Language Program Director in Classics at Yale University.


Here you’ll find some supplementary materials for my Ancient Greek textbook, Gareth Morgan’s Lexis (Greenbelt Press, 2021) including demos of my Animated Audiobook of Greek Word Formation, links to my new projects, one on Greek and Latin morphophonology and another for graduate student teacher training, information about my work on North Africa and the western Balkans, my Etruscan and Early Italic fonts, and more.

Click here to read a bit about me. My CV and some of my academic work is available on academia.edu. My departmental webpage is here.

Photo caption: Anita Gasić’s arm and I working on the restoration of the library of the monastery of the Sveti Duh in Fojnica, Bosnia and Hercegovina, ca. 2008.

Here’s a picture of my dog, Flora MacDonald.