The audiobook lessons on this page are organized according to their presentation in Gareth Morgan’s Lexis. Click here for these lessons organized more traditionally by parts of speech. And click here for some basic grammar review.

Chapter 1
An Introduction to Gareth Morgan’s Lexis and Morphophonetic Analysis (Coming Soon)
A Brief History of the Ancient Greek World and the Greek Language (Coming Soon)
A Note on How to Learn Vocabulary (Coming Soon)

Chapter 2
How to Write the Greek Alphabet (Coming Soon)
Accentuation (Coming Soon)
Articulatory Phonetics (Coming Soon)

Chapter 3
Present Progressive: Zero Marker (Coming Soon)
The Nominative Singular, Feminine and Masculine (Demo Now Available)
The Accusative Singular, Feminine and Mascsuline (Demo Now Available)
The Definite Article (Coming Soon)
Practice and Review (Coming Soon)

Chapter 4
Declensions (Coming Soon)
The Nominative Plural, Feminine and Masculine (Coming Soon)
The Accusative Plural, Feminine and Masculine (Coming Soon)
The Present Progressive: Yod Marker (Coming Soon)
Ablaut (Coming Soon)
Neuter Nouns, Nominative and Accusative Singular and Plural (Coming Soon)
The Genitive Case, All Cases and Numbers (Coming Soon)

Chapter 5
The Sigmatic Aorist Active (Coming Soon)
The Past of ἰ/ (Coming Soon)
Numbers (Coming Soon)

Chapter 6
The Sigmatic Aorist Active Participle, Masculine and Neuter (Coming Soon)
The Sigmatic Aorist Active Participle, Feminine (Coming Soon)
How to Make Pant/s (Coming Soon)
Prepositions (Coming Soon)